Financial Advisory

Financial & Management Services

Principals of Ranson Financial Consultants, LLC have a combined experience of over 70 years in providing financial and management services to municipal entities.

Securing Funding - One Stop Financing

Evaluating all sources of funding is a complex and tedious process. Each program has their advantages and disadvantages. One stop financing examines all sources of funding and analyzes the financial impact to the customer. We also evaluate the overlooked costs associated with the sources of funding.

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Bond Financing / Parity Certificates

Borrowing additional money may require the issuer to obtain a parity certificate.

Project Feasibility

Comprehensive financial feasibility and projections of financial statements and coverage ratios.

Utility Cost of Service / Rate Studies

Examining the cost of service – what does it really cost to produce. Cost based studies can only be achieved through a systematic approach in determining costs.

How much revenue must be generated and how is the system going to pay for it?

Examination of the different rate structures: uniform, decreasing, increasing and seasonal.

System Development Charges / Capacity Fee Studies

Evaluation of the costs associated with providing a service to the customer.

Capital Improvement Plan

A Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is a financial planning, budgeting and management tool that identifies capital project and equipment requirements, places these requirements in order of priority and schedules them for funding and implementation.

Customer Relations

Assist in the customer education efforts and relations. Communicate the value of services provided.

Asset Management

Asset Management is the discipline for managing the life cycle of infrastructure assets with the goal of maximizing the assets life.

Contract Negotiations / Expert Witness Testimony

Developing and negotiating contracts between utilities is an art. Provide expert witness testimony.

Grant Administration

Certified by Kansas Department of Commerce to provide grant administration of water, sewer, community facilities and housing projects.


Educational seminars on utility rates, financing, and asset management.


An alternative to litigating a contract dispute. Mediation avoids the expenses associated with depositions and going to trial.