A Tradition of Excellence

Ranson is the most experienced pure financial advisory firm incorporated in the State of Kansas. While many investment-banking firms provide financial advisory services as an add-on to their main business of bond underwriting, it is our sole business.

Ranson prides itself in bringing state-of-the-art computer technology into the financial analysis process. Principals of our firm are well trained to use this technology to its utmost potential. This training and expertise can be brought right into the board room when Ranson acts as your Financial Adviser. Our goal is to obtain the optimum financing for our clients.

The Ranson companies’ history goes as far back as the 1930’s. Principals of our firm have over 100 years of combined experience in serving the public and corporate finance needs of Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Our experience includes handling debt financing for cities, counties, school districts, and special districts. In addition, Ranson has been actively providing financial advisory services to the Kansas Rural Water Finance Authority, Kansas Municipal Energy Association, Kansas Power Pool and the Kansas Department of Health and Environment. Ranson has been also serving an educational mission by participating as featured speaker at the following annual conferences: Council Infrastructure Finance Authority (CIFA), American Water Works Association and National Rural Water Association. In addition, Ranson is a member and sponsor of the Kansas Government Finance Officers Association.

Our Team

Principals of Ranson Financial Consultants, L.L.C.’s Public Finance team, listed below, have more than 140 years of combined experience in serving the public and corporate finance needs of Kansas, Missouri and Texas. We have experience in handling debt financings for cities, counties, school districts, special districts and other public-purpose corporations, as well as corporate financings, and have been involved in short- and long-term issues; general obligation, utility revenue bond, mortgage revenue bond and industrial revenue bond financings; insured, rated and non-rated issues; and negotiated and competitively marketed financings.

John J. Haas | President

John formed Ranson Financial Consultants, L.L.C. ("Ranson") in March 2002 after working with Mr. Jack Ranson since 1984. Mr. Haas has been a financial advisor to Kansas Local Units of Government since 1978. Mr. Haas received a Master's Degree from the Hugo Wall Center for Urban Studies at Wichita State University in 1979. He also has a Certificate of Public Management and graduate hours in finance from Wichita State University. Mr. Haas specializes in general public finance and analytical services.

Rose Mary Saunders | Senior Consultant

Rose has over 20 years experience in writing grants, administrating and working the Community Development Grant Program in Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. She is a certified administrator in both Kansas (general and housing) and Oklahoma. Rose Mary received her Business Administration Degree from Kansas State University with minors in Economics and Psychology. She has actively attended work related seminars and attended Continuing Education classes at Wichita State University. Ms. Saunders specializes in grant writing and administration, KDHE water revolving loan processing and Elected Board training for KDHE.

Steve Saunders | Senior Consultant

Steve joined Ranson in November 2011. Mr. Saunders received his MPA from Wichita State University in 1987. Mr. Saunders worked as a home healthcare agency accountant for 24 years. Mr. Saunders provides support services for loan and grant document processing and general public finance.

Elizabeth Warren | Financial Analyst / Chief Compliance Officer

Elizabeth joined Ranson in July, 2004. Ms. Warren received her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance from Wichita State University in 2010 with minors in Economics and Management. Ms. Warren specializes in utility rate reviews, financial compliance with KDHE’s water revolving loan program, analytical services, and document processing.

Rathana Schroeder | Compliance Officer / Intern

Rathana joined Ranson in October 2013. Ms. Schroeder received her Bachelor of Science degree in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from Wichita State University in 2008 with minors in Accounting, Management, and International Business. Ms. Schroeder is currently working on her MBA from Wichita State. Ms. Schroeder provides support services for financial advisory services and oversees compliance with current SEC and MSRB regulations.